Annual Report 2018–19 Message From President James Donahue

President James DonahueThe genius of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, writes Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, in his book The Teacher’s Saint, “lay in developing ways to organize schools to train and supervise teachers and to adapt educational methodologies in addressing immediate local needs, thereby elevating the ministry of teaching....” Taking inspiration from De La Salle, we too have recognized the need to expand our educational approaches. As a result of engaging in strategic visioning, exploring new educational avenues, and hiring talented higher education leaders, we are poised for continued academic transformations in the future. 

This past year, many significant developments at the College enriched Saint Mary’s distinctiveness and the academic experience we offer our students. In the 2018–19 fiscal year, we saw:

  • The launch of the Liberal Arts Bridge (LAB), a School of Liberal Arts comprehensive four-year program of professional exploration and development support to promote career readiness that includes partially and fully paid internships for liberal arts majors.
  • Our Teachers for Tomorrow Program, a collaborative effort between the Kalmanovitz School of Education and the Justice, Community, and Leadership Program, expanded pathways for students to attain teaching credentials in critical areas, including special education. 
  • Another mark of innovation is the Technology, Engineering, and Business (TEB) certificate, a SEBA co-curricular program that provides students with the skills, tools, and technologies needed to succeed in cutting-edge tech fields. 
  • Additionally, as a result of a nearly $1 million National Science Foundation S-STEM award, our School of Science is continuing its efforts to foster a new and inclusive generation of American scientists by expanding the Mentored Access to Programs in Science (MAPS) initiative, which provides scholarships for talented but under-resourced students who are interested in pursuing degrees in the STEM fields. 

As you read through this annual report, I believe you’ll find many extraordinary examples that exemplify Saint Mary’s academic distinctiveness: from innovations in the curricular offerings; to our successful Comprehensive Campaign, Defining the Future: The Campaign for Saint Mary’s, which continues to march steadily toward its $125 million goal; to our fiscally stable financial status within a highly competitive higher education environment. All of these points reflect Saint Mary's commitment to our Lasallian Catholic mission and an ever-evolving educational approach that illustrates Saint Mary’s as a leading liberal arts institution of higher education in the 21st century.


James Donahue