Annual Safety Walk

November 13, 2020

In collaboration with Associated Students, Facilities Services, Public Safety, and Student Disability Services, the Offices of the Dean of Students takes an opportunity to observe the campus during the evening hours and walks the grounds as a student would walk. The Annual Safety Walk, traditionally held just after daylight savings time, is an opportunity for key campus community members to evaluate any observable structural issues, concerns, hazards, lighting, walkways, and landscape issues to help support the safety of our student experience. This year’s Annual Safety Walk took place on November 10th and, for the first time, focused on indoor academic, administrative, and student spaces on campus. 

Since 2014, the Annual Safety Walk has increased awareness of the student experience.  Dean of Students, Evette Castillo Clark mentions “The value-add is the activity itself, of ‘walking together’ as administrators and students, flashlights in hand and creating the punch list together.  It’s important to understand how our students walk to and from places and experience this campus.  For many, this may be their home, for others, they are taking evening classes or attending a student event or meeting after 9:00 pm, so I see the Safety Walk as one of our operational commitments to enhancing our students’ environment.”  

Maya Patel, the Chair for Junior Class Senate said that the Annual Safety Walk gave her insight into what the school cares about; our safety. She also expressed that although it was a bit tiring because there were a lot of places to cover, we made sure to go over everything with a fine-tooth comb and catch as many things as we could. 

Patel wanted to share that the Annual Safety Walk benefits the students because it ensures that the school is doing everything that they can to make all spaces safe and accessible. “It gives me peace of mind that things are being seen and taken care of to the best of the schools' abilities.”

Jim Sciuto, Associate Dean of Students, shared that an additional outdoor Safety Walk will occur in Spring 2021.  He also shared that it has been exciting to see the safety walk grow from its inception to now include both indoor and outdoor spaces and be conducted twice a year. “The Annual Safety Walk is an important opportunity for students and community members to come together to take action to continue building a safer campus.”