Field School in Maritime Archaeology

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Course Description

bnbnbThe Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology is a field-based, joint research project conducted in Bermuda by faculty and students of Saint Mary's College, the University of Rhode Island, the International Institute for Maritime Research, and the National Museum of Bermuda. During the course of the field school, students and faculty will be conducting archival research, archaeological surveys, site relocation and identification, excavation and documentation of historic shipwrecks, and artifact conservation and documentation.

The field school meets the fieldwork requirement for anthropology majors or minors with an archaeology focus, or may be counted as upper division anthropology elective.  As such, the course comprises academic, classroom-based lecture and discussion; as well as intensive field research.  A course reader is provided that will form the basis of classroom discussions. 

classWhile in Bermuda, you will participate in archaeological surveys and documentation of historic shipwrecks, conservation of artifacts recovered from various shipwrecks in Bermuda’s waters, and possibly archival research in the Bermuda Archives located in the nearby city of Hamilton. Each student will be required to keep a field journal containing details of each day’s research activities, instruction, and procedures. Journals will be submitted for evaluation at the end of the field school. In addition, students will also be required to prepare and submit a scaled plan of the shipwreck site that will be excavated and documented during the field school, and will participate in preparing a collaborative report on the field school that will be submitted for publication in MariTimes, the magazine of the National Museum of Bermuda. While in Bermuda, students will attend periodic lectures on such topics as archival research methods, archaeological survey (remote sensing and visual survey), site excavation and mapping, analysis of archaeological data, conservation of waterlogged artifacts, etc.