About Bermuda

about bermuda
Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology; Bermuda 2014

                  Royal Naval DockyardBermuda is an interconnected series of islands about 20 miles long located 650 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The islands were visited by Spanish mariners during the 16th century, but were not settled until a century later when English colonists started to migrate to the new world. For several hundred years navigators used the islands as a final sighting before they headed out across the Atlantic. The islands’ treacherous reefs provide a rich repository of shipwrecks. Today, Bermuda’s economy is based on tourism and offshore banking. The capital is Hamilton. The water is generally warm and clear.  During your stay in Bermuda you will be lodging at the National Museum of Bermuda’s hostel. The Museum is housed within the Old Royal Navy Dockyard, which is located on Bermuda’s West End.