Applications Reach Record Level

At the first year student application deadline in February, applications totaled 3,706 — the highest in College history. The number is 18.6 percent higher than last year and 15.9 percent higher from the average of the previous four years.
Vice Provost for Enrollment Michael Beseda attributes part of the increase to strategic recruitment initiatives, including improved communications messages and materials, targeting and development of new recruitment territories and an online portal for every undergraduate prospective student.

However, he notes that funding cuts at California's public institutions of higher education have undoubtedly played a significant role in the increased interest from potential students.

The pool includes extraordinary increases in student ability (with honors students increasing by more than 30 percent), male applicants and diversity (especially among African American applicants), Beseda says.

The College has also seen a striking increase of 62.6 percent in applications from transfer students this year. Beseda says that it appears that the midyear trend will extend at least through the fall 2010 enrollment cycle due to the state fiscal problem.

"We will continue aggressive efforts to recruit and enroll these students," Beseda says. "Our fall 2010 enrollment goal of 150 transfers seems easily achievable given these application totals."