Art Theory and Criticism Major

Bachelor of Arts: Art Theory and Criticism

What Is Art Theory and Criticism?

The new major in art theory and criticism (beginning Fall 2013) presents an interdisciplinary course of study that emphasizes conceptualization in modern and contemporary art practices, the asking of foundational questions about the nature and function of art in relation to human subjectivity and society, and the endeavor to link the aims of art to concerns in other disciplines. 

How Do Theory & Criticism Relate to Art Practice?

The conceptual nature of contemporary art practices puts theoretical and critical investigations at the creative core of art production.  The work of artists, art historians, and theorists today includes dialogue and debate that cut across art production and art criticism in a way that links and sometimes even combines the critical and creative disciplines. The new major in art theory and criticism aims to provide  a challenging course of study that reflects such current trends in the field.

After Graduation?

Many graduate programs in contemporary art history and practice assume some familiarity with critical theory and the cross-pollinating relationship between theory and production. Our  curriculum prepares students for graduate studies in art history and related fields as well as established and emerging programs in critical theory. Majors also gain the critical background needed to pursue professional work in art curation, gallery/museum administration, and writing on the arts.


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