ATC Major Requirements

Students pursuing the art theory and criticism emphasis must complete the required lower and upper division courses as set forth below.

Major Requirements (14 courses total)

Lower Division (Six courses)

Required Core (three courses):

AH 1: Survey of World Art
AH 2: Survey of World Art
ATC 80: Art Theory

Electives (Choose three):

Art 1: Studio Foundations 1: Drawing and Painting
Art 2: Studio Foundations 2: Sculpture and Installation
Art 3: Basic Design
Art 55: Digital Foundations 1: Photo, Video, Sound Art
Art 65: Digital Foundations 2: Web Design and Interactive Media
Perfa 1: Perceiving the Performing Arts
Perfa 10: Rock to Bach: Introduction to Music
Perfa 50: Interactive Theatre
Phil 5: Practical Logic 

Upper Division (Eight Courses)

Required Core (four courses): 

ATC 111: Philosophy of New Media Art 
ATC 117: Art Criticism, 1900 - the Present
ATC 166: Issues in Twentieth-Century Art
ATC 180: Seminar in Art Theory & Practice

Electives (Choose four): 

AH 118: Art since 1930
AH 193: Museum Internship Project
AH 194: Special Topics in Art History
Anth 120: Visual Anthropology
Anth 124: Museum Studies
Comm 100: Communication Theory*
Comm 109: Visual Communication*
Eng 170: Problems in Literary Theory
Perfa 118: Twentieth-Century Composers
Perfa 160: Special Topics in Performing Arts
Perfa 184: Dance and Performance
Phil 111: Philosophy of Art

* Students should consult the Communication Department regarding possible substitutions, as certain courses vary in their content.