Cinematic Arts Minor

Bay Area Student Shorts Festival Spring 2019
 The Cinematic Arts minor is open to all students. The program’s curriculum provides the requisite tools for critical analysis and creative production of the moving image art form, preparing students with both the technical fundamentals and the critical and theoretical foundations to engage in critical practice of the cinematic arts. 


About the Cinematic Arts Minor

The Cinematic Arts Minor combines the critical analysis and creative production of the moving image art form, ranging from time-based film and video to new media art. The courses emphasize technical fundamentals and conceptualization, creative experimentation and critical thinking, and personal expression and social responsibility. A hybrid instructional approach for several of the courses integrates critical analysis and creative production in order to encourage students to analyze as well as to produce the moving image art form as
an engaged critical practice.

Students minoring in Cinematic Arts take six courses from the disciplines of Art, Communication, English, Anthropology, and World Languages and Cultures. Beyond the coursework, an internship elective (ART 193) provides a hands-on experience that can include assisting with a film exhibition, working as an assistant with a faculty filmmaker or researcher, and other options. (This program is coordinated with the Art and Art
History Department and is cross-listed with their section of the course catalog).

This minor is jointly administered with the Department of Communications.

Contact: Costanza Dopfel, Chair Art & Art History   email: