Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the history of art major, graduates have attained the following:

-A general knowledge of the monuments and principal artists of all
major art periods of the past, including a broad understanding of the
art of the twentieth century and acquaintance with the art history of
non-Western cultures.

-Functional knowledge of the creative process through foundation or
other studio art courses.

-More specific knowledge, in greater depth and precision of several
cultures and periods in the history of art and concentration in at
least one area to the upper-division level. Study at the advanced
level includes theory, analysis, methodology and criticism.

-Knowledge of the tools, methodologies and techniques of scholarship.
Active research and the writing of analytical, theoretical and
critical essays are reinforced throughout the program from the first
lower-division survey course to the senior capstone project.

-An understanding of the role that art has played and can play in
encouraging positive social change.

-The ability to synthesize in written essays the interconnection
between various forms of artistic expression.

-Successful completion of a senior thesis – an in-depth study of a
theme or issue in the history of art.