Eyescape Gallery

EYESCAPE an on-line exhibition exploring dreams, narrative and montage

The works in this exhibition were created from an assignment in my class ART 50: Experiments in Digital Media this fall. Students were asked to create a montage with three images, using their own dream or dreams as source material. Initially they took at least 36 photographs. From these, they used at least one photo but not more than four to form the basis of imagery for their interpretation of the assignment.

Each student’s images are listed below to the right of their name. Click each image for a larger view.

Susanne Cockrell

Marie Applegate


Mark Chang


Jimmy Freeman


Adrian Garro


Eddie Huang


Ju-Eun Kim


Everett Lebherz


Juliana Miller


Shannon Pooler


Amanda Reta


Jon Reyes


Alex Stillings


Alexandra Zmugg