AH 2-01 & AH 2-02 Non-Western Art: History Survey, Staff, MF 1:00p-2:40pm
This interdisciplinary course, intended for beginning students in any major, examines the evolution of the art in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The course offers students a general introduction to the history and methodology of art history in non-Western countries. Fee $20, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Global Perspectives

AH 144-01 Issues in Non-Western Art, Khosrowjah, MWF 10:30-11:35 am
Examines a variety of topics within the history of art in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America. Fee $20.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Global Perspectives

AH 145-01 Renaissance Art, Dopfel, TTH 11:30-1:05 pm
This course will look at medieval art from the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance. Particular attention will be given to the often forgotten art of the ‘Barbarians’, and to their cultural background. The course will include history, architecture, social history, painting, literature and music in order to give a more complete understanding of the period. Fee $20.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis

ART 1-01 Studio Art, Mount, TH 3:00-6:15 pm
This class is largely practical, and will involve students in creative studio work and homework (assigned at each class). There will also be introductions to art historical/theoretical concepts given through mini lectures, illustrated with projections, initiated by an assigned homework reading. Points of discussion will be introduced to the class through these presentations, aimed at provoking students thought about their own work’s development. Fee $60

ART 4-01 Basic Photography, Miller, W 2:45-6:00 pm
An introduction to the art of digital photography, production techniques and theory. Students will study the expressive power of light, composition, contrast, depth, angles, patterns, texture and subject matter. Fee $70, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 55-01 Digital Art, Miller, M 2:45-6:00 pm
This introductory course investigates the digital tools, processes, and concepts through which digital technology extends traditional 2D and time-based art practices. Students will develop digital imaging, video, and sound projects. Fee $60, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 70-01 Printmaking, Mount, TU 9:15-12:30 pm
Students will be expected to have an interest in art and equality, politics, justice, the environment or any issue derived from the social field. This course uses the very practical aspects of art making to engage students in a critical appreciation of printmaking as a form, via the work that each student makes. Fee $60, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 101-01 Digital Drawing and Animation, Greer, TU 3:00-6:15 pm
This comprehensive class applies traditional drawing skills to digital art. We will look at a variety of amazing art, learn how to paint and draw comfortably using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. We will master and customize our software interface for digital painting and create artwork on our own. Fee $60, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 155-01 Experimental Film/Video, Miller, TH 3:00-6:00 pm
This course investigates experimental film and video production using digital and traditional tools. Students’ projects will explore a variety of nonlinear modes of film/video production, such as oscillating, looping, recombinant, and remediated structures. Fee $60

ART 194-01 Visual Culture,Greer, TH 9:15-12:30 pm
This art practice course looks at how culture is expressed visually through art, design, and technology. Students learn how to creatively manipulate images in both 2D and 3D forms using different materials and technologies as they explore the connection between art and society. Fee $60

ART 198-01 Senior Portfolio Mount, TBA
The capstone assessment course. Art practice requires that all majors and minors submit a portfolio of artwork and writings at their SMC career.