The following classes will be offered for Spring 2021:

AH 01 Western Art Survey
Khosrowjah, MWF, 9:15-10:20am, Remote
This course, intended for beginning students in any major, examines the evolution of the arts in Europe and the United States, from prehistory until the 20th century. The course offers students a general introduction to the history and methodology of art inquiry in the West. Fee $30
CORE: Artistic Analysis and Creative Practice.

AH 144 Museum and the
Khosrowjah, MF, 1:00-2:40pm  
Remote. This course is a historical and theoretical examination of the museum and gallery spaces as sites where cross-cultural representations are shaped, constructed, negotiated, and resisted. This course is a close study of the formation of museums as public educational institutions and cultural maps that define the boundaries and contact zones between cultures. As the students' knowledge of the organizational structure and the inner workings of the museums expand, they will participate in a semester-long group project of designing their own virtual museums. Fee $30 CORE: Artistic Analysis, Global Perspectives

AH 166 History of Animation Art
Greer TTH, 1:15-2:50pm, Remote
History and instruction on key technical concepts such as the twelve principles of animation. The global and historical context of animation will be explored through early cinema, industry foundations, modern art, wartime, stop-motion, international popular culture, and contemporary art. Includes practice of animation’s key concepts, interactive screenings, written reflection, discussion, and readings. Fee $30.00 CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice  

ART 01 Studio Art
Greer, TTH, 3:00-4:40pm, Flex, Art Rooms 1 & 6
A largely practical class, involving students in creative studio work and homework. There will be historical/theoretical introductions to art concepts given through lectures, illustrated with projections, and initiated by assigned homework reading. Points of discussion will be introduced through presentations aimed at provoking thought about their work. Fee $60, CORE: Artistic Analysis & Creative Practice

ART 03 Basic Design
Mount, TH, 9:45-1:00pm, Remote
Class aims to deliver both knowledge and skills in design. Students to engage with the field of design through an intellectual lens as creative projects are assigned and completed. Fee $80 CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 70 Printmaking
Printing for Protest,
Mount, M,1:00-4:15pm, Remote
This exciting course is designed for beginners. Use your interest in art and equality, politics, social justice, the environment to make prints that protest or advocate. You will develop practical, critical and creative skills that you can continue to use in other courses and perhaps beyond. Fee $80 CORE: Artistic Analysis & Creative Practice

ART 101 Digital Drawing & Animation
Greer, TTH, 9:45-11:20am, Flex, Art Room 4
Applies drawing skills to digital art. Students will analyze digital drawing and moving image animated art and learn how to paint and draw using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Highly encouraged toward the development of personal creative and collaborative work, visual storytelling skills, and experimentation, and will produce original digital drawings, paintings, storyboards and animated digital videos as well as practice film and art critique. Fee $80.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 155 Experimental Film/Video
Miller, TH, 3:00-6:15pm, Remote
This course explores experimental filmmaking in the context of expanded cinema, avant garde film, and video art. Focused on original video production, students will learn experimental cinematographic techniques, sound design, and editing techniques using Adobe software, while engaging experimental storytelling,non-narrative moving image works, and multi-media installation art. Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice  

ART 194-Advanced Design
Mount, W, 3:00-6:15pm, Remote
In this course, students will engage in a semester-long design project that encompasses graphic design for print, packaging, and the web. Through the course, students will also learn about proposal presen-tations and visualizing data through infographics. Students will learn using the Adobe Creative Cloud apps throughout the course. Access to a computer that can run the Adobe Creative Cloud apps is required, and familiarity with at least one Adobe graphics app is strongly encouraged. Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 196 Capstone
Miller, TU, 3:00-6:15pm, Flex
Students will create a significant body of artwork, while developing skills including interdisciplinary research, critical writing, and exhibition practices. Through critiques and workshops, students will synthesize their course of study by working with advanced methods of making,material and aesthetic strategies, and sophisticated articulation of conceptual ideas. Fee $80, Enrollment restricted to Art Majors

ART 198 Senior Portfolio .25 credit
Mount, Day/Time TBA, Remote
Senior portfolio walks students through the process of preparing and presenting their artwork for both the assessment in the capstone and for their use post- graduation. This course is for art practice majors. Fee $40

ATC 80 Intro to Art Theory
Khosrowjah, MW, 11:45-12:50pm, Remote
Course introduces students to the conceptual terrain of 20th and 21st century critical theory and its relationship to and use in artistic practice. The class will proceed via seminar format based on close readings of seminal texts and will traverse a broad array of interdisciplinary topics and critical approaches ranging from psychoanalysis and philosophy to anthropology and political economy. Fee $30
CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice, Writing in the Discipline

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