Fall 2022 Art & Art History Classes


AH 01-01 and AH 1-02 Western Art Survey                
Dopfel, TTH, 9:45-11:20 am /TTH, 11:30-1:05 pm
This course is intended for beginning students in any major. Examines the evolution of the arts in Europe and the U.S., from prehistory until the 20th century. The course offers students a general introduction into the history and methodology of art inquiry in the West.
Fee $30, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Creative Practice

AH 144 The Silk Road Then and Now, A Journey Through the Arts of Asia
Khosrowjah, MF,1:00-2:40 pm 
For more than 2000 years, the Silk Road(s) carried more than commercial goods through Asia (more accurately through Eurasia): It was an instrument of globalization before the term was coined and deployed to describe the transnational flow of capital, ideologies, politics, media, and cultural practices in our own epoch of late capitalism. This course will offer an historical overview of the role that the Silk Road played in the transmission of religions, cultures and the arts from their local origins to all other regions of the entire continent of Asia.
Fee $30, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Global Perspectives

ART 145-01- Issues in Western Art- Medieval Art
Dopfel, TTH, 1:15-2:50 pm 
This course will examine the development of medieval art from the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance. Particular attention will be given to the art of ‘barbarian’ tribes and to their cultural background. The curriculum includes both social and art history, complemented by the history of literature, music and fashion. For the Creative Practice component of this course, students will be exposed to the practical process of medieval art creation, such as calligraphy and illumination. Some medieval sports such as sword fighting and archery will be included
Fee $30, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Creative Practice

ATC 80 Intro to Art Theory
Khosrowjah, MWF, 2:45-3:50 pm
Course Introduces students to the conceptual terrain of 20th & 21st century critical theory and its relationship to and use in artistic practice. The class will proceed via seminar format based on close readings of seminal texts and will traverse a broad array of interdisciplinary topics and critical approaches ranging from psychological and philosophy to anthropology and political economy.
Fee $30, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice, Writing in the Discipline

ART 1-01 & 1-02 Studio Art
Greer, Tues, 9:45-12:55 pm & 1:25-4:35 pm
This course functions as a Laboratory for creative experimentation with multiple mediums, in particular, drawing, painting, mixed media, and 3D art. There will be historical/theoretical introductions to art concepts given through lectures, illustrated with projections, and initiated by assigned homework reading. Points of discussion will be introduced through presentations aimed at provoking thought about their work. Fee $100, CORE: Artistic Analysis & Creative Practice                                                                

ART 03-01 Basic Design
Mount, Wed, 9:15-12:25 pm
Class aims to deliver both knowledge and skills in design. Students to engage with the field of design through an intellectual lens as creative projects are assigned and completed.
Fee $100, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 55 Digital Art
Seraj, Mon 9:15-12:25 pm   
This introductory course investigates the digital tools, processes, and concepts through
which digital technology extends traditional 2D and time-based art practices. Students will develop digital imaging, video, and sound projects.
Fee $100, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 90-01 Screen-Printing for the Community
Mount, Thur, 9:45-12:55 pm
Students expected to have an interest in art and equality, politics, justice, the environment or any issue from the social field. Course uses the very practical aspects of art making to engage students in a critical appreciation of printmaking as a form, via the work that each student makes.
Fee $100, CORE: Creative Practice

ART 101 Digital Drawing & Animation
Greer, Thur, 3:00-6:10 pm
Applies drawing skills to digital art. Students will analyze digital drawing and moving image animated art and learn how to paint and draw using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Students are highly encouraged toward the development of personal creative and collaborative work, visual storytelling skills, and experimentation, and will produce original digital drawings, paintings, storyboards and animated digital videos as well as practice film and art critique.
Fee $100.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 194 Art and Meditation
Seraj, Mon, 3:00-6:10 pm
Meditation is arguably the most ancient, powerful, and yet simple spiritual practice in the world. It is known in various forms in nearly all times and cultures, and plays a part in every religious tradition. Art and Meditation examines how meditation can affect art both in terms of practice and content. The class will be structured with presentations, museum visits, studio time, and discussion of readings and reviews of artwork. Art from various spiritual traditions such as Taoist, Shaker, Haitian and Huichol will be shown. Contemporary forms of meditative art will also be explored. Course requirements will include completing three art projects, participation in discussions, and a class presentation. All media are welcome.
Fee $100, CORE: TBD

ART 196 Capstone
Greer, .25 credit, Time and Day TBD
Students will create a significant body of artwork, while developing skills including interdisciplinary research, critical writing, and exhibition practices. Through critiques and workshops, students will synthesize their course of study by working with advanced methods of making, material and aesthetic strategies, and sophisticated articulation of conceptual ideas.
Fee $80 Enrollment restricted to Art Majors

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