Spring 2022 Art & Art History Classes


AH 2-01 & AH 2-02
Non-Western Art: History Survey

Hossein Khosrowjah, MWF 9:15-10:20 am & 10:30-11:35 am
This interdisciplinary course, intended for beginning students in any major, examines the evolution of the art in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The course offers students a general introduction to the history and methodology of art history in non-Western countries.
Fee $30, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Global Perspectives

AH 144-01 Issues in Non-Western Art, Arts of the Americas
Hossein Khosrowjah, MF 1:00-2:40 pm
This course is a comprehensive survey of the art of the Americas from the pre-contact to the colonial period, and the present. Diverse and focused readings will guide the students through the cultures, arts, design, and architecture of early Mesoamerican, Andean, and North American civilizations like Olmec and Paracas to later empires like Aztec and Inca in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries to the hybrid culture that emerged during the colonial period to a brief consideration of modern and contemporary cultures and arts.

AH 145-01 Baroque
Costanza Dopfel, TTH 11:30-1:05 pm
This course examines the history of Western Art from approximately 1550 to 1700, focusing on the period known as Baroque.  Baroque artists like Caravaggio, Bernini and Rembrandt were rebels, often living at the edge of social acceptance. We will look at Italian, Spanish, and Dutch painters, the invention of landscape and genre painting and the unprecedented use of light and darkness.
Fee $30.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis and Creative Practice

AH 196-01/02 Art History Thesis
Costanza Dopfel/Hossein Khosrowjah, Days/Times TBA. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and department chair.
As a capstone to their studies, art history majors are required to complete a thesis that displays their ability to think, read, and write about art, as well as create works of art that express their own beliefs and interests.

ART 1-01 Studio Art
Lydia Greer, Tues 9:20-12:35 pm
This course introduces beginning students to the processes of art practice. The class engages students in a self-selected project-based workflow, accompanied by creative research in both academic and artistic environments as well as creative studio work and homework. The class functions as a lab for experimentation with multiple mediums in particular drawing, painting, mixed media, and 3-D art. There will be introductions to art historical/theoretical concepts given through lectures, illustrated with projections, and initiated by assigned reading and viewing homework. Points of discussion will be introduced through presentations, aimed at provoking thought about your own artwork.
Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 4-01 Basic Photography
Azin Seraj, Weds 2:45-6:00 pm
An introduction to the art of digital photography, production techniques and theory. Students will study the expressive power of light, composition, contrast, depth, angles, patterns, texture and subject matter.
Fee $80.00, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 70-01 Printmaking
Andrew Mount, Mon 9:20-12:35 pm
Students will be expected to have an interest in art and equality, politics, justice, the environment or any issue derived from the social field. This course uses the very practical aspects of art making to engage students in a critical appreciation of printmaking as a form, via the work that each student makes.
Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 101-01 Digital Drawing and Animation
Lydia Greer, Mon 2:45-6:00 pm
This comprehensive class applies traditional drawing skills to digital art and is an introduction to digital and stop-motion animation. We will look at a variety of amazing art, learn how to paint and draw comfortably using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. We will master and customize our software interface for digital painting and create artwork on our own.
Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 113-01 Advanced Design
Andrew Mount, Tues 3:00-6:15 pm
In this course, students will learn graphic design for print, web and infographics.  
Fee $80

ART 155-01 Experimental Film/Video
Lydia Greer, Thur 3:00-6:15 pm
This course investigates experimental film and video production using digital and traditional tools. Students’ projects will explore a variety of nonlinear modes of film/video production, such as aesthetics of editing, montage theory, video, and film installation, and extended cinema.
Fee $80, CORE: Artistic Analysis, Creative Practice

ART 196-01 Capstone
Lydia Greer, Tues 1:30-2:30 pm (Art Practice Juniors & Seniors Only)
This Capstone course bridges the Art Practice curriculum in preparation for a professional career. It is articulated as a sequence of three 0.25 courses over the last 3 semesters of an Art Major’s course of study. Students are expected to work on their art throughout the three sections of the capstone. The sequence consist of:
Art History & Theory – offered in the spring.
Professional Practices – offered in the fall
Art Practice – offered in the spring.
The capstone culminates in the students’ art show either physically in the museum or in our virtual gallery.
Fee $80

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