Art Robson passes away at age 82

Art Robson, who is recognized at the first Men's Rugby coach passes away at age 82.   

Art's idea of him “working out” with a newly formed rugby team at SMC, to Brothers Albert at a Lafayette Kiwanis Club meeting led to Art joining with, and then soon after, taking over the coaching reigns from Brother Kyran in 1958.   Art was dedicated and fully invested In Gael Rugby, cheering us on from the sidelines.  Much of the success of Rugby at Saint Mary’s College must be attributed to Art Robson, who devoted his time unselfishly, and without pay, serving as coach, and even refereeing some games. He eventually did get hired to teach Speech classes at SMC.  Art said playing rugby throughout his life “has been the key to most of the fun in my life.

The Collegian Sports Editor, Dick Woods, in May,1960 wrote this about Art Robson: “He places a great value on the need for diversion from office work and realizes the benefits derived from physical exercise and team play in leading a well-rounded life. Assisting eager young athletes is Mr.

Arthur Robson’s contribution to the steady progress of Saint Mary’s Rugby.”  Thank you Art, we’ll miss you.

Art Robson