Past Exhibits

Past Installations:

 "Poems as Visual Objects"

"Poems as Visual Objects" was a course, taught by Kerry Krouse, that explored poetry freed from normal typographic constraints. Students studied how poems as visual objects evolved in many different forms: from the elaborately illustrated texts of William Blake, to concrete poetry, collage, collaborations between poets and artists, and digital poetics. Learn more...



 "Layers and Reflections"
January 9-27

"Layers and Reflections" is full of seductive digital photos and videos made in visiting instructor, Bijan Yashar's Digital Media class last semester. The exhibit is on display January 9-27, Monday thru Friday, 11am-4pm. Learn more...



"Thankful" is an exhibition of spiritually-themed artwork by St. Mary's students and several invited professional artists. The show was organized in conjunction with the symposium, "A Sacramental Community: Women, Spirituality and the Arts," which took place Friday, November 4, 2005. Learn more...


"Landscapes By Laura Guese and Emily Reid"
February 16 - March 17, 2005

Laura Guese: There is something about a mysterious landscape that speaks to me unlike anything else. I am captivated by nature's ability to evoke sentiments and emotions just by simply existing. In my paintings, I strive to convey the power of the landscapes I have witnessed throughout my travels.

 Emily Reid: While painting certain landscapes, particular images come to my mind. I realize that while I am painting a landscape, I am also experiencing my own inner landscape. I incorporate these surreal images into my paintings to add new dimensions to the work. It makes for a combination of an interior and exterior landscape. Learn more...


  "Juliana Miller Exhibit"
January 12 - February 10, 2005

Juliana Miller's paintings, non-representational shapes create an illusion of nature. Colors are used to invoke emotions and specific color combinations are used in each painting to create a particular mood. Bright colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks are warm colors and evoke a sense of happiness, while purples, blues, and greens are calm and peaceful. The shapes in my paintings represent reflections of mountains, streams, leaves, and other aspects of nature. The forms are often jagged and unrecognizable because in nature, one rarely finds something perfect and smooth. Color and shape work together to create balance in the painting. Learn more...


  "War and Peace"
October 21 - November 8, 2004

The Saint Mary's College community was invited to draw, write, stencil or paint "political graffiti" on the gallery walls in conjunction with "War and Peace," an interactive project exhibiting students' work. While the presidential race between George Bush and John Kerry was an obvious focus, the drawings also included many anti-war messages such as "Send your sons to Canada" and (no Bush) = (no war). A print titled "St. George and the Dragon" by Enrique Chagoya, a studio art professor at Stanford University, was also on view. The exhibit also included political posters by Saint Mary's students in Ray Beldner's design class. View more photos...


  "Paintings and Drawing by Nicholas Rex"
September-October 2004

Sensitively rendered images done after classic Michelangelo paintings about creation, the prophets, the pieta, and other traditional religious themes. View more photos...


"Spring Show"
May-June 2004

An exhibition of selected art works by fifteen Saint Mary's undergraduate students: Jose Biscocho, Natalia Chiapa, Jenilee Gerodias, Laura Guese, J.R. Guzman, Andrea Hall, Jose La'O, Rebecca Miller, Valerie Montes, Emily Reid, Melissa Samson, Brad Taylor, Mary Anne Tooke, Marco Torres, and Anthony Vala- Haynes.


  "Play Time"
March-May 2004

Mixed media artwork by students from Professor Ray Beldner’s Jan Term Course, "Play as a Subversive Strategy" which explored alternative artmaking techniques using humor, play, chance, and the absurd. View more photos...



"Narratives Fragmented"
January-March 2004

A selection of photographic works from visiting Professor Mariella Poli's Photojournalism class. View photos...