"Juliana Miller Exhibit"

Juliana Miller

I have always believed that creativity is an important part of life: without it, existence would be dull and stagnant. I use my art to express my unique creativity through painting, photography, and sculpture.

In my paintings, non-representational shapes create an illusion of nature. Colors are used to invoke emotions and specific color combinations are used in each painting to create a particular mood. Bright colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks are warm colors and evoke a sense of happiness, while purples, blues, and greens are calm and peaceful. The shapes in my paintings represent reflections of mountains, streams, leaves, and other aspects of nature. The forms are often jagged and unrecognizable because in nature, one rarely finds something perfect and smooth. Color and shape work together to create balance in the painting.

Unlike in my paintings, my photos are done in black and white. I do this so color does not detract from the message in the photographs. In my paintings, I use color to create emotion, while in photography, the de-saturation of the scenes creates a different kind of mood. I use photography to capture and depict my subject's emotional state. The series displayed here is of a boy with Cerebral Palsy named Daniel Stickney. His gestures, expressions, and his environment come together to create an overall mood in my photographs. I arrange the photos in a grid pattern because it gives them a feeling of cinematography and helps to tell a deeper, more expansive story. Like a movie, each frame leads to the next one; Daniel's movements take the viewer from one photograph to the next and thus, a story is told. I use a similar technique in some of my paintings. One canvas tells part of a story, but when put together in multiple units, one begins to see a bigger picture.

In spite of what I have expressed above, I believe there is truly no right or wrong answer when interpreting my work. I feel that one of the most satisfying aspects of viewing art is coming up with ones own ideas about an artwork's meaning. In viewing my artwork, I want to allow people to use their own creative imagination and in doing so, affirm and honor the uniqueness of each individual.