Poems as Visual Objects

"Poems as Visual Objects" was a course, taught by Kerry Krouse, that explored poetry freed from normal typographic constraints. Students studied how poems as visual objects evolved in many different forms: from the elaborately illustrated texts of William Blake, to concrete poetry, collage, collaborations between poets and artists, and digital poetics.

Students composed their own visual poems, integrating text and image in evocative ways. Rather than thinking of artwork as an illustration, students explored text and image as two separate partners, coming together to create a new language of its own. The work on display uses paint, collage, xerox transfer, and found objects, together with text, to create wonderfully imaginative works.


Artists in the show are:

Jamie Bruce
Delilah Catalan
Amanda Crawford
Jennifer Fobroy
Bryan Fournier
Antionette Garcia
Megan Johnson
Quinn Johnson
Alex Kirschner
Nikki Mulligan
Ralph Neira
Luke Postlewaite
Michael Ritorto
Erik Robert
Elizabeth Rockwell
Lindsey Rosellini
Leslie Schmalzried
Waioli Shannnon
Miyishia Slay
Sadie Thuet
Maricela Vazquez