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We, as the Associated Students of Saint Mary's College (AS), aim through our three branches, to implement positive change to create the best college experience for Saint Mary's undergraduates. We strive to serve the student body through inclusivity, fair representation, and support in order to enhance undergraduate student life.

                  Senate 2019-2020

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Spring 2020 Election Results

AS President Emily O'Neill
Vice President for Administration Vacant
Vice President for Student Organizations Kameryn Gubera
Vice President for Finance Hailey Hogarty
Class of 2021 Chair Annika Oledan
Class of 2021 Vice Chair Caroline Escobar
Class of 2021 Senator Aric Moirao
Class of 2021 Senator Diana Carey
Class of 2021 Senator Jack Mortensen
Class of 2022 Chair Vacant
Class of 2022 Vice Chair Maya Patel
Class of 2022 Senator Ethan Mack
Class of 2022 Senator J. R. Aguirre
Class of 2022 Senator Taylor-Montana Swoish
Class of 2023 Chair Rachel Carrillo
Class of 2023 Vice Chair Mason Pera
Class of 2023 Senator Chris Buonarati
Class of 2023 Senator Kobe Onedera
Class of 2023 Senator Vacant