Ask the Gaels: Weekend of Welcome Edition

While students were arriving on campus, the Gaels were getting chatty on Facebook.  Here's a taste of what they had to say.  Click a question to see all the responses and add your own.

What is your advice for incoming students?

"You are in for the best years of your life!!!" -Anne Elizabeth Black

"If you can run a 5k under 16 minutes come see Coach Kinsey." -Marty Kinsey

"Use Jan Term as an opportunity to branch WAY out of your comfort zone." -Scott Hertzberg

"just be yourself :) everyone here is very respectful and accepting!!" -Alexis League

"Don't do anything I would!" -Christopher Mowry

How are you holding up, parents?

"Better than most parents at other colleges! You sent us off feeling that our student's care and concerns would be your first priority! Thank you for the warm welcome! Go Gaels!" -Peggy O'Harrow Lynch

"I just love the students who helped us move in and welcomed us. Such great school spirit. Made a hard day very easy. Go Gaels. I woke up this morning missing my son but deep in my heart I know he'll be ok at SMC. Peace and God Bless." -Gilda La Pena Wu

Students Paint the SMC

"That was one of my greatest freshman memories" -Jennifer Casciato

"Thats nothing we borrowed trucks and chased cows on the hill." -Terence Burke

What would you add to a Weekend of Welcome scavenger hunt?

"The previous two sites of the College/High School campus - Saint Mary's Park in San Francisco, and Broadway in Oakland." -Br. David Caretti

"Zachary's pizza - Berkeley" -Raquel Cagigas

"Petar's on a Friday night with Diamond Dave" -Kelly Minor

Photo by Andrew Nguyen '15