ASSMC Minutes 10/23/11

ASSMC Senate Meeting

Sunday October 23, 2011


  1. Opening Business
    1. Call to Order at 5:37 PM
    2. Roll Call
      1. Absent:  Senator Van Loon, Senator Garcia, Senator Duran, and Senator Esquibel
  2. Public Forum
    1. Charles Hamaker
    2. Selam Kidane
    3. Ete Martinez Anderson
    4. Rueben Greenwald
  3. Docket
    1. Charles Hamaker, Seminar Program Director

                                               i.     Learning goals are now centered around literature content.

                                             ii.     Major change is one seminar class per one academic year.

  1. Selam Kidane, Student Representative of the Seminar Governing Board

                                               i.     Connected to the student opinion in regards to seminar through a successful student survey.

  1. Damaris Nielsen, Associated Students President

                                               i.     Goals for the Fall Semester of 2011.

  1. Natalie Silacci, Senior Class President

                                               i.     Nomination of a 2012 Class Senator

                                             ii.     Senator Silacci moves to table the nomination of Markie McNeilly

  1. 1.     Second by Senator Frei
  2. 2.     Motion passes

                                            iii.     Speaker Alberto moves to reconsider the nominations of the Community Liaison positions.

  1. 1.     Second by Senator Garcia.
  2. 2.     By a paper vote, Senator Johnson and Senator Sentaws are elected Community Liaisons.
  3. Reports
    1. Senator Silacci on behalf of the Class of 2012

                                               i.     Interviewed Markie McNeilly last week and two more interviews this upcoming week.

  1. Senator Diamond on behalf of the Class of 2013

                                               i.     Smoke Free kick-off begins November 1, 2011.

                                             ii.     Advocacy Training November 5, 2011

  1. Senator Hasse on behalf of the Class of 2014

                                               i.     Sexual Assault Pledge

  1. Senator Zamorano on behalf of the Class of 2014

                                               i.     Laundry facilities surveys will be issued.

                                             ii.     Class Meet & Greet this Wednesday, October 26, during Community Time.

  1. Vice President Canete on behalf of the Student Body

                                               i.     Members of the Finance Committee are:

  1. Senator Zamorano
  2. Senator Salvador
  3. Senator Winkler
  4. Senator Fukui
  5. Vice President Caro
  6. Stephanie Delsen
  7. Francis Lopez
  8. Vice President Caro on behalf of the Student Body

                                               i.     Collaboration incentive implementation for organizations to work together.

  1. Senator Johnson and Senator Sentaws, Community Liaison

                                               i.     Extend an invitation to the Moraga Mayor to a Senate Meeting.

                                             ii.     Build a relationship with Jaime Rich, Alcohol Policy Coordinator for the Town of Moraga.

  1. President Nielsen on behalf of the Student Body

                                               i.     ASSMC will be distributing surveys for the Smoke-Free initiative.

                                             ii.     Senator Salvador is the Senator of the Month for September.

  1. Vice President Hawley on behalf of the Senate

                                               i.     Presidents’ Round Table on Wednesday, October 26 at 5:15.

  1. Closing Business
    1. Announcements

                                               i.     President Nielsen: Class of 2015 Meet and Greet this Wednesday.

  1. Notice of Next Meeting

                                               i.     October 23, 2011, 5:30 PM in Hagerty Lounge

  1. Adjournment
    1. Senator Frei moves to adjourn meeting at 6:48 PM

                                               i.     Second by Senator Sala.