Estimated Program Costs

Below is a breakdown of the BALOS program tuition and fees 

$890 per unit for the September 2019 cohort


  • Courses in the major: 12 (10 courses are 3.5 units each; 2 courses are 4.5 units each)
  • Total number of units (upper division) from the courses in the major:  44
  • Tuition cost for the BALOS program (44 units):  $39,160*

(Tuition is anticipated to increase 3-5% in 2020)

Program fees:

  • Application fee (non-refundable):  $50
  • Tuition deposit (non-refundable): $200
  • Technology fee (one time): $500
  • Books:  average $100 per course
  • Course materials fees: approximately $50 for the program
  • Prior learning assessment fee:  $300 per experiential learning essay submitted for evaluation (submission optional)
*Learners who begin the BALOS program in September 2019 will be locked in at that rate for the entire 24 months of the program regardless of tuition increases for 2020.