What Our Learners Are Saying

JK"Among other things, the BALOS program helped me become more self-aware, to affect change in myself, to embrace differences, to read and think more critically, and to understand leadership at all levels. All those skills are necessary in my role here at LLNL. I am a much better leader because of the program."

- Julie Klein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


deborah BALOS

"I have made a lot of attempts at earning my Bachelors degree.  This program is the only one that has captivated my passions and viewpoint for life.  Of course I have also evolved through the years so the timing for this program coming into my life right now is also a key factor."

- Deborah Gilbert, Banking Industry

"I feel empowered as a result of this learning… With this learning, I am more able to think about my role in my organization in broader and deeper terms, with the result being my having more choices and more positive results."

 - David Bettencourt, Sergeant, Bay Area Police Department



"For anyone who wants to improve his/her leadership qualities in business or in any career dealing with other people, this is an amazing course. I consider this a life-changing program…I am now confident that I can take on whatever comes my way."
- Juanita Eberhart, Reimbursement Manager, CoolSystems Inc.