2012 National Finalist


He had us smashing cans,
Turning compost,
Feeding the chickens,
And playing with worms,
He made us solve our own problems

He was one of the many great teachers I had
He was like a second dad

He gave us all nicknames
“Go Lean”
and “Groobnah”

Every remark that we made he would say “barney!”
We would watch Veggie Tales
And if we weren’t listening he would say “Eh, Mo, Larry, Curly pay attention!”
We would have so much fun in his class
For once, learning stuff was fun

He’s a jokester
And loves playing basketball

He was the best teacher I ever had

Jolene Akasaki, age 13
Honolulu, Hawaii
Punahou School
Teacher: Joe Tsujimoto

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