Bay Area Media Highlight Mahershala Ali's 2nd Oscar Nomination

ABC7-KGO-TV news story about Mahershala Ali '96 being nominated for his second Oscar award in three years, and increasing  diversity in the films nominated for Academy Awards. In addition to national coverage, local news outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Mercury News, East Bay Times and ABC7-KGO-TV, all carried stories about the 2019 Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination for Mahershala Ali '96. The talented Saint Mary’s graduate was honored for his portrayal of distinguished classical pianist Donald Shirley in the film Green Book, which was also nominated ​for​ Best Picture. While the SF Chronicle and Mercury News referenced Ali's connection to SMC, ABC7/KGO-TV ​also ​noted Ali's ​dramatic ​origins in the College​'s theater program​ and his continued support of the High Potential Program through advocacy for Saint Mary's Moonlight Scholarship ​initiative.​ A favorite to be selected for the Oscar; many in the press have pointed to his win of the Golden Globe Best Supporting Award earlier this month as a likely indicator of Ali taking home the coveted prize for the second time—Ali won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight in 2017. ​Read the Bay Area news stories. 

Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2019