Bill Murray shouts out Saint Mary's to Joaquin Jaime '06

Underneath weekend sunshine at Del Mar Racetrack, Joaquin Jaime '06 interviews Bill Murray on-camera for FanDuel TV (formerly TVG). At the end of the interview, Bill said that well-loved two-word phrase: "Go Gaels!" Here's the story as Joaquin tells it:

I’ve never met Bill before! About an hour before the interview, Del Mar management tipped me off that Bill was there enjoying a day at the races. After that, I was on the lookout to try and talk to him.

I introduced myself to him in the winner’s circle and asked for an interview. As we are both standing in front of the camera waiting, the producer and director were getting things set up behind the scenes. But, it took forever!! Okay, maybe about 2-3 minutes realistically. But, I’m getting flustered now because I’m making Bill Murray wait to go back up to his table!

He makes small talk while we are waiting and says, “where did you go to school?” I said, “I received a soccer scholarship to play up in the Bay Area at Saint Mary’s.” He then turns to me slowly and responds, “You are a Gael! My brother is a Gael!!” I did not have time to say anything because the producer in my ear said, “coming to you now!”

We do the interview and Bill was fantastic as he always is, but then drops, “Joaquin - GO GAELS!”

That caught me so off guard! I was not expecting that! Unfortunately, I could not follow up because they had already told me to “wrap” in my ear. He was so cool and generous with his time and could not have been any nicer. He was just a really, really cool guy.


I am part of the On-Air Talent team at TVG. As of September 2022, TVG has now been rebranded to FanDuel TV. It’s my first and only job since graduating with a degree in Communications from Saint Mary’s in 2006. Currently, I am a Host and Reporter for FanDuel TV and talk about horse racing for the network. So, my job is sitting at the desk talking about the races or reporting and interviewing the owners, trainers and jockeys.




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