Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of living organisms. Through years of investigation many of the mysteries underlying biological function have been discovered. However, like many modern disciplines, each new discovery raises new questions and, at times, opens up exciting new areas of study.

A scan of any of the current reviews of biochemistry reveals that we are continuing to make new and important discoveries at the most basic molecular and cell, gene function, membrane structure and function, signal transduction, cellular energetics, and protein structure and folding levels, to name just a few. In addition, biochemists are applying their tools, methodologies and new knowledge to the application of the understanding and treatment of Human disease.

Saint Mary’s College has recently added a full Biochemistry major to its curriculum building on its long and rich tradition of providing a strong background in the related disciplines of cell and molecular biology. Those students wishing to major in Biochemistry at Saint Mary’s should explore the relevant sections of the College’s website and catalog. The Biology and Chemistry departments have several faculty involved in research projects in biochemistry and related fields. Students participate in these research projects, or ones of their own choosing, during the semester as one of their regularly scheduled courses, during our January term when they are able to work in the lab full time for an entire month, or during the summer, either as part of our own summer research program or as an intern at any of the numerous opportunities at universities across the country.