Sample Curriculum

Do you need extra assistance to ensure that you'll cover all the standards? Use this helpful guide below to pace your year.

<A new Sample Curriculum reflecting the new Core Curriculum Requirements is forthcoming.>

January Term

Faculty members in the Biology department often teach courses during January Term. The following kinds of courses are often provided:

  • Seminars designed to probe special areas of interest in the biological sciences through readings, reports, and discussions;
  • Field courses, either on or off campus, that provide experience in the study of natural ecosystems, including international options;
  • Directed research on topics in experimental or field biology; and
  • Independent study courses, either on campus or by special arrangement at universities or research institutions.
    Courses taken during January Term do not fulfill Biology majors credit.

Preparation for Medicine, Dentistry, and Other Health Professions, and Veterinary Medicine

Information on these courses of study can be found here.