BlackRock Strategy Analyst Helps SEBA Students Bridge the Gap Between Theory and Practice

BlackRockSEBA students and guests gathered in San Francisco this June to gain insights on securities financing and prime brokerage fundamentals from Phillip Todd of BlackRock. Todd, who serves on the program’s advisory board, spoke in the Derivative Markets class for Professor Arnav Sheth, program director for Saint Mary’s M.S. in Financial Analysis and Investment Management Program.

"Guests like Phil help to fill the gap between theory and reality,” said Sheth. “In class we talk about shorting stocks all the time, but where do people borrow the shares? How does it actually work? Phil really helped the students understand the answers to these questions."

Additionally Todd shed light on the intricate world securities financing and brokerage fundamentals by walking students through a day in the life at a trading desk at BlackRock. Todd also touched on the role of BlackRock in the larger marketplace, as well as discussing his own role at company which requires a long term perspective on changes in the market and SEC regulations.

Todd has been a member of the BlackRock Securities Lending and Financing Strategy team since 2006, a position that requires a great deal of versatility. At BlackRock, Todd is responsible for product research and development, vetting new strategic initiatives and alternate lending models, as well as performance benchmarking and analytics in support of management decision-making.

Prior to joining BlackRock, Todd held leadership positions at BGI Solutions Group, Deutsche Bank, Daiwa Securities, and the Chicago Board of Trade. Todd also serves as an advisory board member for Saint Mary’s MS in Financial Analysis and Investment Management Program.

"As Director of Securities Lending and Financing, Phil really helped our students to fully understand the mechanics of this particular aspect of financial markets,” Sheth continued. “It is truly a banking system within a banking system."