Bloomberg News Taps Politics Prof. Hisham Ahmed for Insight on Israeli - Palestinian Peace Talks

Prof. Hisham AhmedBloomberg News spoke with Saint Mary's Politics Professor Hisham Ahmed about the stalled peace process between Israel and Palestine and about efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to restart the peace talks.  In the article "Palestinian TV Station’s Saga Holds Lessons for Kerry," Ahmed is skeptical about a plan, unveiled by Kerry last month, to boost the Palestinian economy with $4 billion in investments in order to bolster confidence in the region and spark a renewal of negotiations. “To flood the area with economic resources and expect that’s going to help the peace process isn’t going to work,”said Ahmed.

Efforts to revive peace discussions between Israel and Palestine was also the subject of an interview Ahmed did with the Arabic channel (in Arabic) for RT (Russia Today).  

A professor of politics, Ahmed's academic research focuses on the Middle East. He is also a  leading authority on Islamic movements – in particular the Palestinian group Hamas.  He is often sought out by members of the media to comment on issues in the Middle East, including the Arab spring, politics in Egypt and Libya,  terrorism and the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel.

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Date of Mention: 
Friday, June 21, 2013