Brother Urban Gregory (BUG) Parking Lot Pavilion

COVID-19 News and Resources Update | Sept 22, 2020

We have finished erecting the pavilion in the parking lot adjacent to BUG Hall. This pavilion is designed to supplement activities taking place at Rheem for off-campus students who are registered for assigned classes to use this space. Because of the challenges inherent in constructing the outdoor space outside the Rheem campus, this corner of campus provided the best alternative.

The purpose of this pavilion is to enable local students participating remotely in ensemble classes, like music and theater, to utilize a large covered outdoor space that has access to reliable WiFi, and sufficient space to support effective physical distancing. Approved classes are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and are maintained by Corey Cook, vice provost, Academic Programs and Planning.

Students intending to use the pavilion for outdoor ensemble and performance classes will need to be cleared through the public safety kiosk. Guidelines for this space are the same as for Rheem: 

  • Sign the Gaels Wellness Pledge
  • Complete a Daily Health Screening via the LiveSafe App
  • Show student ID at entry
  • Follow all health and safety guidelines¬†including maintaining physical distancing and wearing facial coverings