Visual Identity

Terminal 1, San Francisco Airport


These are the typefaces used to represent Saint Mary’s College. They should be used together to create the appropriate hierarchy in your communication. We have not included exact sizing specs, but the relation between the faces should be represented as seen here and in the rest of the examples in the guide.

Brand Colors

These are the brand colors used to represent Saint Mary’s College. Red is our primary color and should be supported appropriately by the compliments seen here.

Building the Brand

The Saint Mary’s College brand is composed of a few key components seen here. We have a lot of freedom in working with them, but they need to interact in a very specific way to remain consistent across all communication.


The pattern catalog are modern representations of the ornate patterns you might find in the chapel or within the Mission Style architecture of the Saint Mary’s College campus. They act as a supporting design element in our layouts to add an additional layer of dimension and reference to the campus of today. They should always support and never distract when used in layout. They can also be used alone as patterns on end pages, etc. if desired.


Our outbound communication, specifically in advertising, is headline driven. Our typography is at the top of our hierarchy and becomes a design element as well as our voice. The composition and relation of the typography allows us to focus on key words within the writing. Please be sure to utilize type hierarchy to accent the appropriate points in each piece.

Red Overlay

The overlay is born from the Saint Mary’s College logo. We like to think of it as our talk bubble. A device to deliver our message and compliment other elements in our system. Most importantly, it creates a canvas for our headline and allows us to accent our photography. It is meant to be completely flexible and has many forms, uses and purposes.


Photography is a key visual representation of our communication. It should accent, support and enhance our message. Try to stay away from cliché school photography when possible. We should focus on what makes Saint Mary’s College an institution that is differentiated from every other school out there and we should do it in the most artful way possible.

Brand at Work

When our elements work together, they create a very flexible and consistent system for any and all communication.