Brother Dominic Berardelli, FSC, Special Assistant to the President

Brother Dominic is an easily recognizable presence on the Saint Mary’s campus. People know him for his big smile, his friendly ways and the interesting way he gets around.

Brother Dominic Berardelli You may not know Brother Dominic Berardelli, but you’ve surely seen his “ride.” The special assistant to Saint Mary’s President James Donahue, putts around campus on a golf cart he lovingly calls the Bromobile. It’s adorned with Italian and American flags that flap whimsically in the breeze.

The Bromobile is not just a mode of transportation; it’s how Brother Dom, as he’s known, gives tours of the grounds where he’s lived – on and off – for 17 years. “I am an extrovert. I work with donors, parents, friends of the school, the town council, chamber of commerce – I love it.”

Life hasn’t always been so serene. In the late 1980s, Brother Dom found himself at the end of a machine gun barrel in war-torn Sri Lanka. He was traveling as part of his work in the Mission Office at the Generalate in Rome, checking on Brothers who were under duress in civil wars. “I thought I was going to bite the bullet in the jungle,” says Brother Dom. He was stopped by Tamil Tigers rebels, who thought he had a bomb in his travel bag. “It was a can of shaving cream,” he says, but the rebels were screaming at him. Miraculously, one of his traveling companions spotted a cousin in the ranks and called out to him for help. The rebels put down their guns and let the Brothers pass through.

“The lessons I learned strengthened me as a Brother. They suffered so,” he says. And yet, 24 hours a day, the Brothers kept their doors open to offer food and comfort to the people. And they protected the children from being kidnapped and trained to fight. “The Brothers would say, ‘We are not taking sides. But you’d better not touch our kids.’”

Throughout his life, Brother Dom has felt God’s grace and answered his call. When he was asked to return to Saint Mary’s in 1995, Brother Dom was conflicted. He was assigned to De La Salle North Catholic High School in Portland and very close to his students. “One Sunday I was reading a mystery book and I heard God’s voice. He said, ‘Go back to the college.’ God has always worked like that with me,” he reflects. Pointing to his white clerical collar – known as a rabat – he says, “I’ve been blessed. Because of this, I’ve been everywhere.”

Take a "Bromobile" Ride with Brother Dom

Brother Dominic Berardelli’s unmistakable ride–a golf cart appropriately nicknamed the “Bromobile”–is tough to miss as it scoots around campus proudly flying its flags. Check out how the “Bromobile” came into existence and see what a day riding around campus with one of Saint Mary’s best spokesmen is like.