Brother Named First Dean of Campus Ministry


Brother Michael Sanderl has been named Saint Mary's College's first dean of Campus Ministry, a position designed to further strengthen the College's Catholic identity and Lasallian heritage.

As leader of Campus Ministry, Brother Michael hopes to involve more students in such programs such as liturgies, retreats and social action.

"This is the time to be collaborative and forge meaningful partnerships," said Brother Michael. "It is an invitation and opportunity to be creative to the needs of our campus in ways that deepen and strengthen existing programs, while also responding with new initiatives."

Brother Michael graduated from Saint Mary's College in 1996 with a major in religious studies, and later earned a doctorate from the University of San Francisco. He has been working at Saint Mary's College since 2004, most recently as assistant dean for mission.

Brother Michael wants students to play a bigger role in the College's Lasallian mission.

"If we are to serve our students, then our students will be involved at the heart of work," Brother Michael said. "Our students will have opportunities to be involved in foundation building, as well as the leadership and promotion of our programs."

The selection of Brother Michael as dean was a popular choice with students involved in Campus Ministry.

"There are so many different reasons why he is so perfect for the job," said junior Carolyn Morison. "As a student who both works with him and has taken part on retreats with him, he is by far the best choice for dean of Campus Ministry--I know that Br. Michael has a wonderful vision of what could be, so watching it grow will be fantastic."

Brother Michael is currently preparing to participate as a delegate at the 44th General Chapter of the Christian Brothers in Rome.

"This is a very significant meeting and time for the Christian Brothers and for our international Lasallian Mission," Brother Michael said. "I am humbled by this opportunity--and expect to come back to campus in mid-June inspired with the spirit of faith and zeal for our work on campus."

--Kevin Damore
Office of College Communications