Brother S. Albert Plotz-SMC Guild Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Saint Mary's College Guild was formed in 1939 by friends of the College to provide scholarship funding for worthy students. One of the Guild's two endowed scholarships is devoted to the memory of Brother S. Albert Plotz, FSC, the 21st president of Saint Mary's College. The fund currently has a market value of more than $900,000, and has generated approximately $40,000 in aid annually in recent years.

Brother Albert was born Roy J. Plotz, Jr. in Alameda, and decided to become a Christian Brother at the age of 14. After formation, Brother Albert was assigned to Sacred Heart High School in Berkeley, then San Joaquin High School in Fresno before being named principal, first of Saint Mary's High School in Berkeley in 1953, and then of Sacred Heart in San Francisco in 1956.

In 1956, Brother Plotz became the 21st president of Saint Mary's College. During his tenure on campus, the College opened three new residence halls, student enrollment nearly doubled, and secular faculty salaries were increased more than 50 percent.

In January 1962, on the return from a Brothers' winter outing to the Sierra Nevada, Brother Albert's car skidded off the highway and rolled down a 20-foot embankment, killing Brother Albert, Brother F. Cornelius, and Brother V. Julius, and injuring two other Brothers.

Sympathy cards and condolences poured in from prominent leaders in government, religion, and higher education from across the state and country, a collection now preserved in the College archives along with a booklet by Brother T. Brendan, FSC, In Memoriam, about the life of Brother Albert.