Building on Strength Strategic Planning Steering Committee Activities

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

RE: Building on Strength Strategic Planning Steering Committee Activities

The Building on Strength Strategic Planning Steering Committee has met several times during the summer and fall. Plans are under way for a comprehensive, inclusive and intensive institutional strategic planning process to take place during this academic year. The committee is being assisted by Bill Weary of Fieldstone Consulting.

Two sets of activities will take place during the fall semester. The first of these will involve a week of consultation interviews with a wide range of groups and individuals inside and outside the College. These meetings will take place with the consultant during the first week of October and will average 45 minutes in length.

The second set of activities will entail intensive retreat meetings with large groups of faculty, staff, students and alumni during the third week of November. The interviews are designed to provide an overview of the many perspectives on the College to be found in its constituencies, and the retreats are to generate and spell out work to be done over the next several years.

Beginning in January, based on the information gathered in the fall, the committee will begin a consensus document of the planned tasks for the next three to four years. The process also calls for a discussion of the plan with the Board of Trustees at their spring retreat, and presentation of the plan to the President by April 30, 2007.

I encourage you to participate in this process to the degree that you are able. The members of the steering committee and the consultant have developed a list of groups and individuals that will be invited to participate in the early October interview meetings. The scheduling of these interview meetings will begin next week. Information about the November retreat/meetings will also be available in the coming weeks.

Below you will find the charge to and the membership of the Building on Strength Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

This Committee will work with a consultant to guide us in an inclusive process to consider input from all sectors of the College during fall 2006 and early spring 2007. This process will integrate our planning and result in concrete goals for our short-term and long-term future.

Three faculty: Carla Bossard, Jerry Brunetti, Chris Sindt
Two staff: Janet Luce, Marti Storti
Two administrators: Roy Allen, Pete Michell
One Alumnus/a: Angelica Garcia
One Regent: Shirley Griffin
One Trustee: James Quandt
One Christian Brother: Brother Donald Mansir, FSC
One Student: Danny Wecks


Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC