Frequently Asked Questions

Learn from these most popular queries.

Will any statistics course offered at the College meet the statistics course requirement for the business administration major? [back to top]
Yes, students may take Math 4 or BusAd 40.

When should students take the mathematics requirement for the business administration major (Math 3 - Finite Mathematics or Math 27 – Calculus I)? [back to top]
During the freshmen year because entry into upper-division Business Administration courses depends on completion of the math requirement.

Does International Business (BusAd 180) satisfy the College’s diversity requirement? [back to top]

When should business administration majors take the capstone course, Strategic Management (BusAd 140)? [back to top]
Strategic Management should be taken during the final semester of the senior year. These prerequisites must be completed:


  BusAd 123   Financial Management
  BusAd 124   Marketing
  BusAd 132   Operations Management

Can a business administration major take any of the upper division courses in the major concurrently with Strategic Management (BusAd 140)? [back to top]
Yes, seniors in 140 may enroll concurrently in any upper-division courses except BusAd 123, 124, and 132.

May business administration majors at Saint Mary’s College take major courses at other schools? [back to top]
In general, the majority of the courses required for the major must be taken at Saint Mary's and all concentration courses must be taken at Saint Mary's. However, while enrolled at Saint Mary's, students may take two major courses at other colleges or universities. Students are urged to complete the transfer paperwork prior to enrolling elsewhere to insure the credit will transfer.

If I transfer from another school to Saint Mary’s College of California at the beginning of my junior year, will I be able to complete the Business Administration major in 2 years? [back to top]
Usually. However, you must plan carefully and seek the assistance of your academic advisor.

Before I start taking most of my business courses, is it a good idea to take all or most of my general education requirements in my freshman and sophomore years? [back to top]
No. The lower-division requirements should be taken during the Freshmen and Sophomore years, and some upper-division requirements are approved for second-semester Sophomores, and can be taken concurrently with Accounting 2 and Economics 4. Also, you will want to fulfill some of your general education requirements as Juniors and Seniors to give you schedule some variety.

If I don't get into a class because it is closed at my time of registration, is there anything else I can do? [back to top]
Priority registration is based on class standing, so graduating seniors will always get into the classes they need. BUSAD students who have no other option but to take a certain course in a given semester may follow the centralized BUSAD Petition Process.