Cal Matters Taps Saint Mary's Corey Cook For Insight On Sen. Kamala Harris

CalMatters logoCalMatters recently reached out to SMC's Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Planning, and Professor of Politics Corey Cook for its feature story "What California knows about Kamala Harris." The story explores how many Americans are learning about the state's junior senator, and notes eight ways that California has shaped Harris and how she has shaped California. Cook, who previously served as an analyst on politics in the Golden State for his previous institutions, the University of San Francisco and Boise State University, offered insights about voter perceptions of Sen. Harris, and critiques about her candidacy lacking clarity and flip-flopping on issues. A nonpartisan newsroom, CalMatters focuses on explaining California policy and politics to the public. The story was also highlighted on KQED. Read the story.


Date of Mention: 
Monday, August 12, 2019