California 7s Qualifiers- The Gaels Take 3rd

11/11/12-San Luis Obispo, Calif- The Gaels Seven’s program has shown superior progress in their second season, taking 3rd place in the Cal Poly tournament. The ruggers beat Long Beach State, 38-7 for the consolation prize on Sunday.

Saint Mary’s led the table Saturday, winning all three matches. They soared past their opponents beating Cal Poly’s B-side 47-5, UC Davis 29-12, and the University of San Diego 22-5.

There were several key performances from the Gael Ruggers, led by captains Mike Haley and Kelly Harris. Other notable player performances came from Lloyd Evans, Hulo Moungalea, and Luke Sauser.

Sunday, the Gaels beat Santa Clara 36-0 leading to an electrifying match against Cal Poly in the semifinals. The Gaels fell to the Mustangs 26-24. Cal Poly took the lead going up 26-19 in extra time. When the Mustangs tried to end the match on the restart, the Gaels regained possession, racing to the corner of the try zone. Despite Saint Mary’s grit to the very end, the conversion was missed.

The Gaels were well supported by students, family, and other new fans. Saint Mary’s applauds coaches Tony Samaniego, Mark Bass and John Lewis for yet another great season. For more information on the tournament, visit:

Men's Rugby recieved an at large bid on Sunday inviting them to the College Sevens National Championships at Texas A&M University. The final schedule is to be determined. On Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, men's matches will kick-off at 9:20am and conclude at 6:40pm. On Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012, men's matches will kick-off at 8:00am and conclude at 7:00pm.