Call for Proposals, Fall 2010

The College Committee for Inclusive Excellence welcomes proposals for programs that advance the College's vision on inclusive excellence: "We, of St. Mary's College of California are dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect in ways that acknowledge and engage diverse backgrounds and ideas. Our policies, practices and behaviors foster a safe and inclusive community and promote learning that is equitable, collaborative and inspired by the presence of God in and among us."

In keeping with this vision, the CCIE will consider proposals of any nature from any member or group of members of the college community. Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria (ordered from most to least important):

1. How well they fit with the mission of the CCIE as expressed in its vision

2. Their impact on the College community, and more specifically:

2.1. The target audience of the proposal (wider audiences will take priority)

2.2. Number of individuals reached (larger numbers are preferred)

2.3. Strength of impact on the individuals affected(stronger impact is preferred)

3. Focus (proposals with a clear, well-defined goal will take priority)

4. Incremental over existing programs (new programs will take precedence over existing programs)

5. Not being a regular program (proposals for ongoing programs will have less priority)

6. Use of other sources of funding (proposals that receive their main funding from other sources are preferred)

7. Collaboration with other parties (proposals from several parties will be preferred to those from only one party)

Applications requesting $1,000 or less can be submitted at any time and will be considered once a month.

Applications requesting more than $1,000 for the academic year 2010-2011 must be submitted by April 30, 2011.

All applications must be submitted to CCIE, c/o Ms. Chandra Commer and should include:

1. Applicant(s) contact information

2. A 250-word summary of the proposal

3. A brief narrative answering the following questions:

a. How does your program fit with the mission of the CCIE?

b. What is the targeted audience?

c. On how many individuals will it have an impact?

d. How deep an impact do you expect on those individuals?

e. Describe the impact you expect

f. Is this an existing program, or similar to an existing program at Saint Mary's?

g. Will this be a regular program?

h. What other sources of funding have been or will be secured for this program?

i. Are other parties participating in this program? Who and how?

4. Parties that will be involved or need to be informed of the program

5. Detailed total budget for the program

6. Funds requested from the CCIE (cost of food, printing and other indirect expenses will typically not be funded)

7. Timing of the program

Promoters of funded proposals will submit a written report on the program to the CCIE within four weeks after the program is over and be available to present the outcomes of their program to the CCIE in person.