Campus Communication Survey Results and Next Steps

Message from J. Elizabeth Smith, Assistant Vice President for College Communications

Dear Saint Mary's community,

First, I'd like to extend a big thank you to those who participated in the communication survey that ended in April. We were pleased to hear from nearly 30 percent of our community, including 24 percent of students, 39 percent of faculty, 57 percent of staff and 28 percent of Brothers.

The goals of the survey were three-fold: to get feedback on how well various communication tools are working; to improve institutional communication and dialogue with and between employees and students; and to improve the service of the Office of College Communications.

All respondents told us that, in general, they read the SMC Bulletin and rely on personal e-mails for information. Students and staff indicated the My Saint Mary's portal was a significant place they turned for information, while faculty and staff depend on the listservs as a source for information.

We heard that both employees and students feel informed about many areas of life at the College, including events and our Lasallian mission. However, respondents asked for greater detail about the accomplishments of faculty, staff and students, College business and operations, and Saint Mary's vision for the future.

Respondents who were familiar with the Office of College Communications gave valuable feedback on how we can improve our service, while those less familiar with the office indicated that they wanted to know more about our work and service to the campus.

As a result of your feedback, we are taking the following actions:
1. Revamp the SMC Bulletin to serve as a better communication vehicle for the campus and investigate new ways to foster communication.
2. Work with College leadership to communicate more frequently about the issues that affect our community and the vision for the future.
3. Better inform the campus about the services of the Office of College Communications and the steps we are taking to make those services even more effective for the campus departments we serve.

Thank you again for your honest responses. Please be in touch with feedback or ideas to help the Office of College Communications foster positive communications - both internally and externally - for Saint Mary's.