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The CPDS Mission 

Our overarching goal is to "Provide Resources for Every Student to Plan for and Create a Meaningful Professional Life".

The CPDS collaborates with our success coaches in the Student Engagement and Academic Success (SEAS) department, deans, our faculty, Alumni Relations and CILSA (Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action) to provide an array of high-impact possibilities so students will be prepared for a global workplace and society.

While SMC is well-known in the Bay Area, we want to help potential employers understand the distinctive value that our students can bring to their organizations.  If you read the section on the SMC website under “Colleges that Change Lives”, you will discover several reasons why our students are unique.  Two of those are courses students take in Jan Term and the 4-year Collegiate Seminar Program designed to develop critical thinking skills. The skills attained from those programs are exactly what employers are seeking—critical thinking, teamwork, communication, self-awareness, cross-cultural competency and more.