Core Traditions

There are three core traditions that form the foundation of Saint Mary’s College (SMC) and guide us in all we do: the Lasallian tradition, the Catholic tradition, and the Liberal Arts tradition.

These traditions inform our decisions and actions and help us in our continual pursuit of the College’s mission.

Values Statement

The SMC Career & Professional Development Services is deeply committed to advancing the mission and values of the SMC experience so that graduates are well prepared to move beyond graduation and have the capacity to translate their SMC education into lives of meaning and purpose.   We value each student as a unique individual who is part of a diverse and inclusive community, and who is aware of the global consequences of economic and social injustice. We serve as the bridge between the students’ college experience and the world of work, helping them apply the core traditions they have learned in the classroom into the real world.

Mission Statement

Guided by the philosophy that career development is a lifelong process of exploration and decision-making, it is our mission to provide innovative programs and comprehensive services in a supportive and positive learning environment. Every undergraduate, graduate student, and alumnus we serve has the opportunity to engage in self-exploration and develop career management skills. This approach fosters self-confidence and clarifies the values on which to build a successful and productive life and a life that responds to the needs of society.

We fulfill our goals by increasing student awareness and promoting student learning through:

  • Securing meaningful internships and experiential  opportunities as well as access to full- and part-time job listings to help satisfy students’ financial needs;
  • Providing individual career counseling, career exploration, interest and personality assessments and the resources to help students select their major or choose a career;
  • Advising students regarding post-graduate plans which include recognizing the link between their academic studies and careers, and the pursuit of  graduate/professional programs of study;
  • Facilitating workshops for undeclared and declared majors, and coaching students in the acquisition of job search strategies, resume and interview preparation and other career development skills;
  • Organizing special events designed to engage students and increase students’ knowledge of selected career fields and opportunities, including graduate and professional schools;
  • Fostering and maintaining relationships with employers and graduate and professional schools to facilitate their connection to students and alumni seeking employment and advanced degree opportunities;
  • By creating a world of possibilities for our students, while building connections with them.