Graduate Scholarships

Law School is a costly investment. Fortunately, financial aid is available for law school. 

The majority of law schools offer a variety of loans, grants, and scholarships. In addition, there is a wide array of private, outside scholarships made available to incoming and current law students to help with the cost of attendance.  

Below you will find links to downloadable attachments that list and provide information on scholarships provided by educational institutions as well as outside organizations. Online resources have also been provided to help guide you on your search to locate funds. 

Virtually all law school applications require a resume, letter(s) of recommendation, and personal statement. The Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS) Office can help you create an attractive application. Specifically, Brother Glenn Bolton, the Graduate School Advisor, can help you through the application process. Please call ​(925) 631-4600 to make an appointment. 

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