Engaged Learning Facilitators

Engaged Learning Facilitators (ELFs) provide course support to faculty members teaching community engagement (CE) courses and the students enrolled in those courses. 

General Overview of ELF Program  

The ELF team consists of 6 - 7 students.  Each ELF supports 4 - 5 community engagement (CE) courses per semester.  The ELFs also promote a culture of service and social justice education by planning and participating in CILSA events.   

ELFs support CE courses by:

  • meeting with faculty to understand course outcomes, service opportunities, and expectations; 

  • coordinating and conducting in-class orientations and check-ins;

  • facilitating in-class reflections;

  • assisting students with their carpool groups/transportation options and background checks (if needed); 

  • assisting students with the reimbusement process (if needed);

  • maintaining contact with faculty and students throughout the term by providing a clear channel of communication, logistical support, and problem-solving assistance.

ELF Training and Support

The CILSA Student Leader Training is schedule for August (dates and format TBD).  This week includes CILSA-wide programming on social justice topics as well as ELF-specific training to support CE courses.  

Throughout the year, the ELF team meets every other week for reflection activities, to discuss social justice texts, and share CE course updates.

Application Process

The ELF application is available online and the deadline to apply is Friday, May 14th.  All applicants will have a 30-minute Zoom interview to discuss their experiences related to leadership and social justice work and their interest in being an ELF.  


Contact Dr. Sarah Dempsey, CILSA Associate Director for Community Engagement, at sdd4@stmarys-ca.edu.