CBS-5 / KPIX-TV Interviews Political Economist Jack Rasmus About Government Shutdown Deal

Politics and economics professor Jack Rasmus talks winners and losers in the deal to reopen the government.CBS-5/ KPIX-TV News sat down with Saint Mary's professor of politics and economics Jack Rasmus about the fallout for the Republican party in the wake of the eleventh hour deal that reopened the government and prevented an economic calamity by raising the nation's debt ceiling.

Rasmus, who is the author of two books on the nation's fiscal health, including "Obama's Economy: Recovery for the Few," spoke to CBS-5 reporter and videographer John Ramos about the winners and losers in the GOP, after it held the American economy hostage for 16 days in a Quixotic effort to defund the Affordable Care Act. Watch the CBS-5 report.

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, October 17, 2013