CBS-5/KPIX Interviews Dean Steve Woolpert on Romney as GOP’s Choice

CBS-5/KPIX-TV interviewed School of Liberal Arts Dean Steve Woolpert on the recognition by GOP Super-delegates (delegates who are Republican party leaders) in California, and across the country, that front-runner Mitt Romney will be the eventual presidential nominee for the GOP.

A politics professor, Woolpert spoke about the former Massachusetts governor's growing confidence as it becomes increasingly evident that Romney's competitors can't overcome the huge margin of delegates held by him.  According the Republican National Committee (RNC), Romney holds a commanding lead of 573 delegates to Santorum's 202, Newt Gingrich's 132 and Ron Paul's 26.

Woolpert's perspective appears to have been prescient. He was interviewed on Monday, April 9 about Romney's eventual coronation, and on Tuesday, April 10, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign.

Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, April 10, 2012