Celebration of the Core Traditions

Faculty, Staff and Students,

My first order of business is to thank the many people who worked to organize the week of celebration of the core traditions of the College, which concluded with my inauguration. The chief organizers were Br. Donald Mansir, Dean Carole Swain and Vice Provost Frances Sweeney. They were assisted by more than thirty faculty, staff and students. I extend a heartfelt thank you to them all. I have heard positive responses from many who attended and appreciated the variety of events during the week. (I also thoroughly enjoyed attending the activities, though I was somewhat fatigued by the end of the week, and subsequently caught a cold and lost my voice!)

And having now walked numerous times down the main arcade festooned with the images of the former presidents, I have been reflecting on one aspect of what "Lasallian" means. I am privileged to have known many of these presidents personally: Brothers Mel Anderson, Craig Franz, Michael Quinn, Albert Rahill, Thomas Levi, and Austin Crowley; and many others by reputation and lore, such as Leo Meehan and Justin Mahon. In the Brothers? tradition of community and mission, we train each other, and I can truly say that I have been, in significant ways, formed by these Brothers, and by all of the Brothers with whom I have lived and worked. Moreover, in today's Lasallian mission, we Brothers are being called upon to pass on that formation and consciousness of mission to all of you, our partners in this mission. I am encouraged by the degree of interest you display in your eagerness to learn more about embracing our mission, whether it be in teaching, service to each other or the wider community, or learning about the spirituality of the Brothers. As a regular reminder of our mission, Carole Swain will be working with several constituencies to continue to provide pop-up Lasallian reflections on the College website similar to those that appeared during inaugural week. I look forward to working with all of you as Lasallian partners in the coming months and years.

A number of important meetings and events are taking place this month.

* Fall Preview Day will be held on Sunday, October 9. The admissions office is expecting more than 1000 to attend. Thanks in advance for all those who will be participating in hosting the event and presenting our programs to parents and potential students.

* The Board of Regents will meet on campus on Thursday, October 13 and the Board of Trustees will meet on campus Thursday, October 13 and Friday, October 14.

* A special committee from WASC will be on campus from October 17-19 to visit the EdD. Program.

* Please plan to attend the Performing Arts Department's production of "Inherit the Wind" and related co-curricular events during the last week of October.

* A variety of other co-curricular activities and events, too numerous to mention here, are taking place this month, and are being communicated regularly via email. Please consult your email account, as well as the new Campus Bulletin published by the Office of College Communications.

* In its regular monthly meetings, my Cabinet will be looking at several macro issues, including the upcoming WASC visit and strategic and long range budget and fund raising for Athletics and Recreation areas.

As we head into Fall, I wish each of you the best in your endeavors as we continue our Lasallian mission.

Sincerely, in Saint La Salle,

Br. Ronald Gallagher