Selected Speeches and Presentations

Barbara A. McGraw speaks on religious pluralism in public life and in business and the professions. Examples include:  speeches and workshops during 2017-2018 on Interfaith Leadership, including at St. Thomas University, Georgia Tech, Georgetown University, and Shenandoah University, and in 2016 an interview by Mara Willard of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs--which can be found here on the Berkley Center site.  Selected Publications can be found here. 

Barbara McGraw was interviewed by Mara Willard about her work on religious diversity and governmental agencies. NCMAF






"Safeguarding Religious Free Exercise" Director McGraw was an invited speaker at the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces, January, 2015, speaking on accommodation of religious diversity in the military.









Professor Barbara A McGraw Selected To Facilitate National Interfaith Teaching Symposium

AAC&U logo  The Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) announced they will hold an inaugural Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence at Boston University July 17-20, 2018. Professor of Social Ethics, Law and Public Life Barbara A McGraw, who directs the College’s Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism, has been selected as one of four faculty presenters/facilitators for the national interfaith forum. Dr. McGraw will be leading a workshop on interfaith leadership and the professions--how educational institutions can incorporate this important work into their curricula. The Institute is designed to prepare college and university leaders to transform their campuses into model environments for interfaith cooperation.







"Being a Scholar - Being an Advocate" Director McGraw participated as a panelist at the Berkley Center, Georgetown University on issues that arise when religion scholars become, or aspire to be, advocates in the public area. February, 2013. Click here to view.

         Director McGraw at the Berkley Center, Georgetown University.      










"Moral Economy in Global Perspective: Protestantism, Confucianism, Islam, and Hinduism." Plenary address for the International Conference on Spiritual Paradigm for Surmounting the Global Management Crisis.  School of Management Sciences, Varanasi (Benares), India. February, 2012.


Director McGraw interviewed at SMS, Varanasi India

Director McGraw was interviewed at the International Conference on Spiritual Paradigm for Surmounting the Global Management Crisis, February, 2012. Click here to view.




  McGraw on CW$









     Director McGraw was interviewed on Bay Area CW44 television on religious liberty, gender equity, and the Affordable Healthcare Act requirement that private institutions provide women with access to contraception, February, 2012. Click here to view. 

"Religious Pluralism and Religious Freedom: Perils and Possibilities for America's Sacred Ground."  Invited speech, Institute for Religion, Education, and Public Policy, California State University at Bakersfield, CA. May 2018.

"Global Business Leaders as Interfaith Leaders: Religious Diversity and Cross-Cultural Leadership."  Presentation for the international conference on "Responsible Organizations in Global Context,"  Georgetown University. June 2017.  

"Interfaith Leadership as Transforming Leadership."  Invited speech and faculty workshop, Georgia Tech/Emory University. April 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

"Religious Pluralism in Correctional Institutions and the Military." Presentations at the American Academy of Religion annual meetings in November, 2004 to present, for the chaplaincy program.

“Transforming Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World.” Invited speech and faculty workshop at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA. October, 2017.

"Why Religious Literacy Matters for Business Professionals."  Invited speech and faculty-administration workshop, St. Thomas University. October 2016.

“Interfaith Leadership in Business: How Business Can Contribute to Interreligious Cooperation and Promote Compassion and Peace.” Speech. Parliament of the World’s Religions. Salt Lake City, UT, October, 2015

"America's Sacred Ground and the Marketplace." Speech for a Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley lecture series, Kensington, CA. January, 2010.

"Democracy and Religious Diversity in Global Perspective." Invited Panelist/David Saperstein presiding. Parliament of the World's Religions, Melbourne, Australia. December, 2009.

"Interfaith Work in Higher Education." Interfaith Youth Core Conference on Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World. Invited Panelist/Eboo Patel Presiding, Chicago, IL. October, 2009.

"From Tolerance to Pluralism in the Public Square." Speech for the Pluralism, Tolerance, and Freedom Speaker Series at the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA. March, 2009.

"Religious Pluralism, God-Talk, and Politics." Invited Panelist. "Faith in Politics Forum/Religion in America." Sponsored by the Religion, Politics, and Globalization Program. University of California, Berkeley. October, 2008.

"Rethinking Chaplaincy in a Pluralistic Context: American Values & RLUIPA." Keynote address at the annual conference of the American Correctional Chaplains Association, Northeastern Division, Long Branch, NJ. April, 2008.

"Civil Discourse Across Sacred Boundaries." Plenary Address for the Society for Values in Higher Education, 83rd Annual Fellows Meeting. Baltimore, MD. July 2007

"Civil Discourse Across Sacred Boundaries." "Special Topics Lecture” for the "Difficult Dialogue Initiative" of the Ford Foundation at Trinity College, San Antonio, TX. October, 2006.

"Rediscovering America's Sacred Ground." Colloquium presentation, University of California, Berkeley, CA. September, 2006.

"Religious Reasons as Public Reasons," Howard Garfield Lecture Series at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. February, 2006.