Interfaith Leadership Programs

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The Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism is taking the lead in the development of Interfaith Leadership programs at SMC.

The Center coordinated with SMC academic units to develop an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Interfaith Leadership, for which SMC received an Interfaith Youth Core-Teagle Foundation pass-through grant. The Interfaith Leadership Minor launched Fall 2015. More information can be found here:

Work is also in progress to develop a graduate programming in Interfaith Leadership for the Professions.  We are currently seeking funding for this project.  If you are interested in our work, please contact Director, Barbara A. McGraw at

Our Goals

  • To prepare more ethical and effective leaders by joining interfaith understanding and leadership theory with inclusive practice. 
  • To increase critical appreciation and empathic concern across religious differences.
  • To encourage appreciation of the world’s religions as resources for wise leadership.
  • To address specific interfaith leadership challenges and opportunities in various settings.
  • To develop leaders’ ability to promote religiously inclusive policies and practices.