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International House - Global Living and Learning Community  

Application Deadline: Extended to March 19th!!!

  • Availability as of 3/9/2017:
    • FEMALE Suite: Alternate/Waiting list open 
    • MALE Suite: 2 double rooms

I-House community is open to Sophomores & Juniors (Current Freshmen and Sophomores) who are Prospective Study Abroad applicants, and returning from Study Abroad, International students or any students interested in learning about a new culture. 

Learn to live and think GLOBALLY!

This unique residence hall community located on the first floor of North Claeys Hall is for both international and domestic students who strive to become global citizens. Our mission is to provide a living-learning community that fosters a friendly environment where cultural diversity and respect for differences is encouraged and valued. It also offers a supportive experience in international living and learning that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, cultural awareness, cross-cultural understanding, and shared ideas of faith and justice. The International House, a Global Living and Learning Community, serves to orient international students and prepare domestic students for future study abroad opportunities.

The International House is only open to all Sophomores and some Juniors. The I-House will:

- Create a community where students can enrich their understanding of other cultures, explore the world, and share their own cultural heritage

- Enhance the impact of study/volunteer abroad experiences on participants and the Saint Mary's College community by providing a structured outlet for returnees to reflect on and integrate their learning into their own education and the campus community.

Students in the community will have regular events that will explore culture, the world, and sustainability through food (cooking and dining out), international movies, afternoon or weekend cultural excursions, and other activities.  We will also be teaming up with various departments and clubs for some events.

2016 - 2017 Transition Year Participant Requirements

- Students will be required to attend at least 3 speaker series (one per term) related international topics and complete a 1-page double space written assignment for each session.

NOTE: We are planning to submit a petition to have I-House experience count towards Community Engagement Core Curriculum requirement. The approval may take some time and may not be implemented until the 2017-2018 school year. However, once it is implemented, the speaker series assignment no longer be required. 

- Students will be encouraged and required to participate in some of the events and activities throughout the year such as the Annual Global Fair, International Retreat, and other activities sponsored by the community, I-Club (Optional), and Center for International Program Office (Optional). 

- Students will be required to join the International Club.  Attendance will not be mandatory but as the I-Club will compliment the I-House, your involvement and participation will be strongly encouraged.

- I-House is a student-driven community. Thus, students will be required to actively be involved in brainstorming, planning and delivery of events and activities. Here are a list of some of the activities we've done in the past: I-House picnic, Hosting Osaka Science Students, Pumpkin Carving Event, Halloween Door Decoration Competition, International Potluck with Modern Languages Department, Secret Santa, Movie night, International Retreat at Russian River, Cultural food outing around the bay, Tahoe Winter Retreat, Global Fair, Graduation Dinner, etc. (All the events are free of charge except International Retreats)

- Write a self-reflection written assignment at the end of each term describing your experience and what you've learned through the community.  

- Complete an exit survey at the end of the year.

The Perks:

1. Priority Housing - Application deadline is March 1st. 

2. Guarantee Housing - North Claeys Hall (1st floor), Single and Double rooms are available in a six person suite style living arrangement.

3. Roommate & Suitemate Preference - You will be able to select your roommate (Double) and suitemates (Six people in a suite). Single rooms are also available. 

4. Location - Near central campus (North Claeys)

5. Opportunity to learn about different cultures and make new friends through fun social activities and events. 

6. Study Abroad presentation will be provided specifically for students residing in the I-House. 

Community Leader:

Once you've been selected to be part of the I-House Community, you will have an opportunity to apply to be a Community Leader. Community Leader is responsible for organizing various events and activities with the RA, community members, RD and the Advisor. Community Leader will receive a stipend. We will be selecting one female and one male student and one will be an international student and other will be a domestic student. 

There are only 24 spaces available, so apply as soon as possible. Please contact Tim Yoon, I-House Community Advisor, for any questions at or via phone x4352. Thank you!

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Pumkin Carving Event! (Sponsored by I-House, I-Club and Elements - Hip Hop & Social Justice Club) Pumpkin Carving Event!

Osaka Pizza Party - Hosting science students from Osaka University. Just chilling! - We have a hammock in our back yard!

International Retreat - Goat Rock Beach Armstrong Red Wood Forest!